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Hair Removal

At New Beginnings, we offer two main methods of hair removal for our clients: Waxing and intense pulsed light (IPL).

Waxing is a technique used to remove unwanted hair from the root by applying hot wax on the skin in the direction of the hair growth, then removing it with a strip in the opposite direction. Clients can expect to be hair-free for an average of 2-4 weeks, although some people may start to see regrowth sooner due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area (called bikini or Brazilian waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen, knuckles, and feet. Not only does waxing remove hair, it also acts as an exfoliant. After a wax, you are sure to notice super smooth skin! We carry 2 high quality waxes that are used for specific body parts based on their properties.

Here are some helpful tips in preparation for your wax appointment:

Inform your wax specialist of any medications you are taking, such as antibiotics, Accutane, or topical creams, such as Retin-A, which may not be compatible with waxing.

For best results, hair should be between ¼” and ½” in length (about the length of a grain of rice). If it is your first time waxing, we recommend you refrain from shaving for at least three weeks before your appointment. Your hair will be trimmed by your aesthetician prior to waxing if necessary. After your first wax, it is recommended to wax every 3-4 weeks.

Do not tan the area you plan to wax 24 to 48 hours before your appointment.

Do not consume alcohol or significant amounts of caffeine before your appointment. Both can cause your pores to tighten, resulting in a more uncomfortable experience.

RELAX! View your waxing experience as a bit of pampering that results in luxuriously smooth skin.

New Beginnings also offers hair removal utilizing IPL. IPL hair removal is a semi-permanent solution utilizing broad-spectrum, visible light. This light is specially controlled to remove shorter wavelengths and devised to target specific structures. In hair removal, it is designed to target the melanin pigment in the hairs. The light energy is absorbed, transferring as heat energy which warms the hair, causing damage to the follicle and preventing future hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin. The light is adjusted according to your skin color, hair color, thickness, and location of the hair. Put simply, the process reduces the body’s ability to regrow hair follicles after they have been successfully treated. If the hair does grow back, it is typically lighter and finer in texture. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve the desired results. Requires consultation for pricing.

Helpful tips in preparation for your IPL hair removal appointment:

Do not wax or tweeze the area, use any hair removal cream or bleach to the area, or engage in sunless tanning/unprotected sun exposure to the area for 4 weeks prior to the appointment.
Shave the affected area the night before.

Please notify your aesthetician of any medicines you are taking, including topical creams. Clients should not use products with topical vitamin C or Retin-A within 7 days of treatment. Clients who use Accutane must be off of the medication for 6 months prior to treatment.

Also notify your technician of any tattoos on/near the affected area, any active infections, or undiagnosed rashes/lesions to the area.


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